Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. Payment Methods. We accept all major credit cards, Interac and cash payments. On events over $1000, a 50% deposit is required in advance.

2. Delivery. Yes we deliver. Delivery fees are based on proximity to our Seymour Street location.  

3. Changes to Order. You may make requests to change and/or modify an order up to one business day before your event by 1pm PST. Acceptance is up to the sole discretion of Peqish. Any changes within 24 hours may result may result in an additional service charge.

4. Menu. The menu is provided on an as-is-basis. Any requested changes or modifications to our offerings, will result in an automatic 18% service charge.

5. Cancellation Policy. We require at least 1 business day of notice on standard orders less than $1000. On orders over $1000, 3 business days of notice (72 hours) is required. Failure to notify Peqish of your intent to cancel an order prior to the notice period, will result in an automatic 50% charge on the total invoiceable price.

6. Late Payments. Final payment is expected at the time of delivery, unless other arrangements have been made with our staff.